Postponement was 'absolutely needed', S3 CEO says.

Developers need to worry about more than the Howey Test.


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06.06.2019 By Terry Flanagan

Vela sees growth in the functionality recently, particularly in European spread trading.

The analytics vendor plans to integrate the reporting platform into its product portfolio.

'Sell in May' strategy clobbers equity ETFs -- temporarily.

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Nasdaq Promotes Tal Cohen

Tom Wittman named executive advisor before retiring at the end of the year.

Citadel centrally clears cash and repo trades via the offering.

The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

Pending UK rule will hold senior finserv execs 'personally liable' for regulatory breaches.

Aim is to streamline compliance processes around sanctions.

Can its backers launch the cryptocurrency before central bankers, regulators, and legislators catch up?

Buy-side exec won Person of the Year at the 2019 Markets Choice Awards.

The vendor and Preqin have inked a redistribution deal.

Product provides window into European equity and ETF trading.

Too many firms still remain at the earliest phases of their implementations.

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Intertrust Acquires Viteos

Firm can now offer advanced fintech solutions to clients.

The acquisition solidifies the vendor's footprint in market-data management space.

The expansion grows its free offerings to almost 150 ETFs from 11 issuers.