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Elevating Low Touch

Institutional brokers layer personal service onto the technology stack.

ID2S is connected to the European Central Bank’s real-time gross settlement system.


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07.28.2015 By Markets Media Life
Daily Email Feature
06.26.2019 By John D'Antona
Daily Email Feature
07.11.2019 By John D'Antona
Daily Email Feature
06.20.2019 By Terry Flanagan

The regulators outline their practices for assessing a bank's risk profile.

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AI Births SOR 3.0

Adaptability becomes the hallmark of the latest generation of routers.

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KBW Talks Big Banks

Podcast covers goings-on at Deutsche Bank and sell-side consolidation.

The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

The Swiss firm identified more than 30,000 securities linked to marijuana-related businesses.

Direct streams show competitive prices at potentially greater size, with limited market impact.

Securities lending and repos can be used to take on leverage and can pose risks to financial stability.

Clients asked for a platform that mimics some FX trading whilst capturing ‘crypto-specific’ features.

SIX Digital Exchange expects to go live within 12 months.

The offering provides AI-driven analysis in a multi-cloud environment.

Euro cleared inflation swaps were compressed through triReduce.

Nasdaq will continue providing the Iraq Stock Exchange with matching engine and CSD technology.

Switzerland’s stock exchanges lost equivalence with the European Union at the start of this month.

The deal should enhance data-sharing and automation across the back office.

The sector attracted record investment in the first half of this year.

Is it time to put Reg NMS to bed?