Trading vet aims to bring new insights to clients through all phases of the investment lifecycle.

Cantor Fitzgerald cites execution quality, customization, and access to liquidity as trading differentiators.


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The French bank has inked a liquidity deal with market maker GTS.

Helen Pappas of SmartFlyer runs down the best wineries and inns.

genesis allows software to be developed up to 80% faster and cheaper.

The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

Traders will continue to exploit any cracks in the system.

Treatment of initial margin can be a disincentive for client clearing.

HFT GTS buys into a veteran-owned high touch broker.

Funds are reviewing securities lending, enhanced cash utilisation and collateral transformation.

Clients can lower funding requirement via initial margin optimization.

Portfolio will be managed algorithmically with a dynamic asset allocation.

European product powers best execution monitoring and reporting, including TCA.

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U.S. Treasury Data in Focus

Government bond traders piece together a mosaic today, to use tomorrow.

The fund manager argues that ESG is related to fundamental drivers of risk and return.

The new offering offers multiple ways to visualize and present data.

Users can compare the reported SI volumes filtered by adjusted conditions.

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Women in Finance Awards Announced

Gala event celebrated some of the stars in markets, trading and fintech.